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35 Daniel Gitzinger

Daniel Gitzinger
lux Luxembourg
Mr Gutz FPV
World Drone Cup 2018


 I am Daniel Gitzinger, in the drone racing community known as “Mr Gutz FPV”, a passionate drone pilot who always strives to improve its skills. I got my first flying license in the beginning of 2015 to do aerial photography, but a few months later I already got the taste of racing. Since September 2015 I am also freestyling and I love to try new tricks. Which style I fly depends on my equipment and my mood; I am comfortable with both. During the winter I love to fly with tiny whoops on indoor events.

As I am very interested in the arts of photography and filming, I have a Youtube channel and a fanpage on Facebook, where I regularly upload my race cam videos, as well as best of reports from drone racing events and sometimes I do short interviews with friends from FPV Nation, a non-profit organization based in Luxembourg to promote the sport and bring together pilots.

Whenever I have the opportunity, I participate in a competition. In 2016 I flew six races and very often finished in the top ten. In February of that year I qualified for a race in Dubai but unfortunately, I couldn’t participate. In 2017 I flew 4 races of which the FAI Leiria Drone Race World Cup in Portugal was my personal highlight. In 2018 I already flew four races and in July I managed to win the Luxembourgish Drone Championship. This title gives me the opportunity to represent my country in the Drone World Championship in 2019, to which I am really looking forward.


July 2018  Luxembourgish Drone Championship in Mersch (Luxembourg)  1st

May 2018   Pierrard Race & Freestyle Contest (Belgium)March 2018             Dubai Whoop race (Luxembourg)

February 2018 Tiny Winter Games (Luxembourg)

June 2017   Leiria Drone Race World Cup (Portugal)

April 2017    Intercopter Cup Dortmund (Germany)

February 2017   Indoor Fun Race in Virton (Belgium)

January 2017  Tiny Tournament in Luxembourg (Luxembourg) 2nd

October 2016  FPV Funrace in Hannover (Germany)

September 2016  Extreme Masters Lebach (Germany)

August 2016 Macam Race (Belgium) 6th

July 2016   FPV Park Trophy in Mersch (Luxembourg

May 2016 FPV Drone Masters in Zellhausen (Germany)

February 2016 WorldDronePrix in Göppingen (Germany)

August 2015   2. FPV Air Race in Bexbach (Germany)  6th