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12 Hussein Yilmaz

Hussein Yilmaz
gbr United Kingdom
World Drone Cup 2018


My name is Hussein Yilmaz; I was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. Since childhood I’ve always been fascinated with everything aviation. Through school I took a work placement for an Aerodrome and worked on Helicopters, which drew me even more into flight. I started flying RC helicopters at the age of 10, which has progressed rapidly into FPV mini quads over the past few years and I absolutely love the adrenaline rush you get when you’re racing! There’s no other feeling quite like FPV, it’s my medication for staying calm!

Through my video’s and social media I managed to become close friends with the owner of www.dronejunkie.co.uk (Cemal Kucuk) whom is a distributor across Europe for Tiny Whoop and New Bee Drone products and micro quads (Including brushless). After several flights with Cemal, he saw the potential in me and wanted me involved with his E-commerce business. So I then started working for him which i do not regret! I love what I do, which is my passion and hobby. I work every day with Micro quads, mini quads, wings and the list goes on. Every day is research and development to see what else we can make fly and FPV!

Overall I’m extremely excited to be a part of this Event held in Istanbul and I’m grateful to be a part of what I believe will be such an amazing experience for everyone. Look forward to meeting the FPV community from all around the world! Bring on Istanbul 2018!


Took second place at a British Qualifying Event and won a Trophy. Qualified for the British Championships 2017/2018 (Will not be able to attend the 2018 British Championships due to this event being on the same date)