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18 Victor Van der ELST

Victor Van der ELST
bel Belgium
World Drone Cup 2018


My name is Victor Van der Elst aka CarbonV, I am an 18-year-old engineering student from Ghent Belgium. My first contact with drone Racing was at DRB Drone Portal in 2016 where I immediately fell in love with it. My love for technology combined with my competition spirit made me throw myself at this new sport and I have not regretted doing so for one second.

After Drone Portal I started training, building and crashing, after one year I managed to get 3rd place at the last round of the Belgian National Championship. I probably had never had such a big smile on my face as I had on that podium.

When 2017 started I had high set myself high goals. One of the biggest ones was placing myself top 10 at Drone Portal where I even did better than expected and even got into the semi-finals! This however with another person’s quad as mine were all defect. This was also where I first got offered a sponsorship by Acehe and shortly after got accepted into team Raceflight now known as FlightOne. After the summer I finally got the big opportunity to fly at DCL for team Gemfan as a replacement. I did so well they even kept me for the rest of the season.

This year I am in a fierce and close battle for the title of Belgian National Champion and I aim for some podium places at some of the biggest races ever held like the World Drone Cup in Istanbul.

This all as a proud member of Team Multirotorparts and Blacksheep Racing.


2018 – 1st Place – Belgian National Championships Round 2

2018 – 1st Place – Belgian National Championships Round 1

2018 – 2nd Place – IDRA Utrecht Internationals Team Blacksheep Racing

2017 – 3rd Place – DCL Brussel Team Gemfan

2017 – 1st Place – De Condors Race Belgium

2017 – 1st Place – Carbon Race Belgium

2017 – 3rd Place – Belgian National Championship Last Round

2017 – 2nd Place – Dutch National Championship Round 1