Event Announcements
  1. World Drone Cup 2018 race has finally come to an end
  2. WDC 2018 Contest Rules Are Announced

World Drone Cup

  • Your airline ticket will be paid.

  • Your hotel will be booked.

  • Transportation and catering will be provided

Quadcopter Spec Class

  • FPV Flight
  • Use PAL system fpv cameras only.
  • 4 or 5 inch frames – 180 to 250 mm
  • 4s max battery (lihv allowed)
  • Leds are   mandatory, RGB Leds preferred
  • VTX restricted to TBS Unify, Immersion RC Tramp or Furious FPV Stealth vtx classes or Connex Prosight only
  • Fixed Frequencies

Practice & Qualifying Rounds

  • To be determined due to number of pilots attending
  • Qualifying results calculated by single best lap time
  • Multiple practice rounds (open practice)
  • Random heat matchups

Race / Eliminations

  • 3 Lap Races (subject to change according to the track layout)
  • Double Elimination rounds, pilots receive points due to position to advance
  • Best 2 pilots from each round advance to next round
  • In the event of equal points, better qualifier wins
  • Number of pilots to be decided upon participation
  1. 15.000 $

  2. 7.500 $

  3. 5.000 $

How can I apply for the World Drone Cup Race?

You have to fill out the registration form at the homepage ( https://worlddronecup.com/ )

Where will the race be held?

The race will take place at The New Istanbul Airport, which is the World’s biggest airport

On which dates will the race take place?

Race will take place between 20th and 23rd September, 2018

How will we get to the race track?

Service buses will carry people from all around Istabnul to the race track

Is the race free or is there an application fee?

The race is completely free, there is no entry fee

Why are applications for technology competitions received so early ?

The main objective of TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL is to raise awareness of development and production of national technology in Turkey and to support the implementation of concrete work.

In consideration of this objective, it is expected that the teams participating in the competition will be able to design and produce their own technology projects (UAV, rocket, unmanned underwater vehicle, etc.) as a result of involved and detailed technical studies. This task in turn prepares them for competitions to come.

What is Teknofest Istanbul aerospace and technology festival ?

TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL Aerospace and Technology Festival is a space and technology festival organized by the Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation) and supported by organizations that play a critical role in national technology development in aviation, space and technology. The festival will be held on September 20-23, 2018 at IGA Istanbul New Airport.