The TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL Aerospace and Technology Festival is organized by the Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3) to showcase Turkey’s rapid advance in technology and to promote technology advances as a national cause.

T3’s activities include educational programs for middle and high school students, competitions for university teams and sponsorship of emerging technology initiatives.

For pre-college students specifically, T3 conducts technical training and workshops called “DENEYAP Technology Workshops”, which occur over two 18-month cycles. In the first phase, students are trained in a number of workshops including “Robotics and Coding”, “Microcontrollers and Electronics”, “Internet of Things (IoT)”, “Energy Technologies”, “Production and Design”, “Aerospace and Technology”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Nanotechnology”, “Mobile App Programming”, and “Cybersecurity”. In the second phase, they apply the theory learned in the first phase’s workshops to independent projects and international competitions.

For university students in particular, the foundation provides infrastructure, equipment, transportation, and technical consultancy through the “Technology Teams” program, and further sponsors scholarships within the scope of Turkey’s broader “National Technology Scholarship Program”.

The last leg of T3’s activity falls under the T3 Enterprise Center (T3GM), where new tech ventures are given technical and logistical support through incubators and accelerators, one the one hand, and capital through our venture fund on the other.

The T3 Foundation aims to support 1001 Technology Teams and 1001 Technology Ventures by 2023.